Get Talking: Using Chat in your ONE Employee App

Did you know peer-to-peer chat is now part of Sitrion ONE? Now you can get instant notifications and real time mobile communication done securely within your employee app. 

How it works

Start chats by pressing the chat icon in the top toolbar of ONE. From here you can search for people in your organization and create a new 1-on-1 or group thread. Chat works in real-time, so you can see if someone else is typing and wait to respond – and get their message instantly. Users can opt to get push notifications on their phone or email notifications, so they’ll never miss urgent chat messages.

Having a lightweight, instantaneous chat tool in a secure environment allows employees to communicate faster without the risk of exposing data to an external system, like WhatsApp or SMS text messaging. This added security and immediacy opens the possibilities of what you can do with your ONE app, namely: 

Get instant group conversation done away from your desk.

Sometimes you’re mobile and you need a quick check-in with your team or have a question that needs an instant answer. If you’re in a retail space, at a manufacturing plant, or on a warehouse floor, you can get solutions and information instantly without returning to your desktop. ONE can create preset groups for chat based on your organization's Azure Directory or other grouping structures that you have in place - so group chats are kept relevant and confidential.


Find the expert you need and chat with them instantly.

ONE allows you to search your organization’s directory for the person with the right expertise who may be able to help you with a pressing issue. With chat, you can now look this person up and immediately begin a dialogue with them without leaving the employee app.

Ask HR and get answers faster.

Many companies struggle with processing a heavy load of inquiries to an HR helpdesk, but many of these queries are quick information requests. While using ONE to access HR self-services like benefits and time off information, employees can quickly open chat to ask HR for a clarification, eliminating a call or support ticket. 

Replace 'Shadow IT' with a secure space.

A lot of non-desk roles require instant mobile communication tools. Without a service provided by the company, enterprising employees find their own means of communicating with each other to report issues, swap shifts, and transfer critical information. With chat and ONE’s ability to control grouping and organizing of your staff communication, these conversations can now happen securely. A single retail store can have its own chat to report cleanups, restocking needs, and ask for help at the register; a restaurant staff can communicate information from shift-to-shift; workers on a factory floor can report and solve issues that need immediate attention; sales and marketing staff at a trade show can share customer information without leaving a meeting or booth. The intuitive and easy user experience of ONE chat gives employees the functionality they were looking for when they sought out their own external solution. 

Chat and the ONE communications platform serve different complementary needs within your employee app, so make sure to plan your use and governance of chat. There are many, many different ways to use the chat feature to help your employees stay engaged and communicate faster – think big, and contact your customer success representative to brainstorm how you could leverage secure instant chat.

For an up-to-date list of features of the Sitrion ONE employee app, check the capabilities page.

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