iOS Client 3.5 Released

Version 3.5 of the client apps is mostly to close out bug fixes and enhancements for the corporate communications use case.

  • Some adjustments made to get Commenting and Liking working properly
  • Enable initial action on a card
  • Bind a variable to an action
  • Indicate that the app is in a processing state as screen elements are loading
  • Fixed a bug where text was not wrapping in a list
  • Fixed a bug with text overlap
  • Clear the comment text field after the comment has been submitted
  • Fixed crashing bugs occurring with Expand Your Reach microapps
  • Fixed a bug where the app would freeze after being inactive for some time
  • Fixed a bug where the refresh wheel would stick after comping a social post
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard was hiding login info on an iPhone 4 screen
  • When switching tenants, the wrong logo was displaying
  • If an email adress contained '+', the profile picture wasn't displaying
  • Updates to API calls to enhance performance

Jenny Blumberg, Mobile Solutions Manager

In Jenny's years at Sitrion she has supported many products including Glassboard, widgets, various RSS readers, and the Sitrion Social mobile apps. When she’s not conquering enterprise mobile challenges, she’s snowboarding, cooking, or camping in beautiful Colorado.

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