Android Client 3.01 released

Version 3.0.1 of Sitrion ONE for Android has been published to Google Play.

Settings screen: show logout at bottom
On the settings screen the log out button is now displayed at the bottom, keeping in consistency with the other clients.

Profile Picture Issues
App will display a person’s initials if they have not yet uploaded a profile pictures. Formerly the app would display a grey “ghost” avatar.

Micro App: Input boxes
An issues with field line colors is fixed

Card: Information Card – Date Issues
Cards now show accurate time since it was published.

Card: DataBinding
DataBinding error in Card is fixed

Micro-App not respecting InitialScreen element
Startup screen is displayed as the right one now, plus invalid default field values are fixed

Micro App: Text not translated
Micro-App was not pulling the language code from the server properly

MicroApp: Label Alignment
Alignment of fields for is fixed

MicroApp: Map zoom
Map shows appropriate zoom based on pins provided

MicroApp: Image Visibility
App now will now toggle visibility

Micro-App: Remove List Item
List item can be removed now for the time tracker microapp

Card: Label Value
Label values on tasks/cards are now left aligned

Card/Micro-App: Phone and E-Mail Control
Phone and email controls now display descriptors

Card: General
Adjustments made to font size, font weight, and padding

Card: WebView doesn’t work in Card Detail View
Adding a webview (binding a URL to a website) now displays in a card detail view

Card: Approval Card Issues
Various enhancements to font, buttons, alignment, and interactions to give a consistent experience compared to iOS

Card: More Button Icon
“More” icon now matches what iOS shows on task cards

Support added for linking to a microapp from a card.

Björn Nee, Technology Evangelist

Björn works in our Oldenburg, Germany office. Since he joined the company in 2007, he has held various positions from Director of Solutions, to Senior Architect, to Services Lead. Previously, Björn worked for industrial and consulting companies including BASF IT Services and Schenker where his key goal was to make work better by developing great IT and software solutions. His passion is to inspire people to be more efficient, productive, and happy at work using Sitrion's solutions.

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