ONE Platform Release 1.49

The Sitrion ONE Cloud Communications platform is the standalone end-to-end communications solution that publishes content to the Sitiron ONE stream on mobile and desktop clients.

View past messages as a table in Message Console

The messages console previously showed all your messages in ‘card’ form. It now supports an option for viewing your messages in a sortable table, allowing for a more streamlined view of the messages that your organization has sent out to employees. This view supports all filters.
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Search added to Message Console

In addition to the table view, the messages console now has the capability to search for a message using a key word search.

How to use it: In the filter section of the messages console, a search text box is now visible at the top and will execute the search immediately when text is added.

**Note: The search only returns messages that have been created after this release and will not return older messages.

Channels now support descriptions

You can now add a description for channels. This description is shown to users when they view the channel selector micro-app, providing more context to users about the intent and content of the channel.

How to use it: Navigate to the Channels section in the Cloud Comm admin console. Click edit to access the channel editor. In the edit dialog there is new text box for entering the channel description.

New subscription options for Channels

Existing channel

New channel

Along with the ability to add a channel description, channels now have new user subscription options.

For existing channels, you can now set “subscribe new users” check box, which ensures that when new users register to the system, they will automatically be subscribed to the channel.

For new channels created after this release, you have three new options:

1. Everyone can subscribe
This option allows for quick permission setting. When enabled all users will automatically have access, if unchecked, no users will have access until a group is added to the permissions for the channel.

2. Subscribe new users
As mentioned before, this will ensure newly registered users are subscribed to the channel. This will respect the group permission set for the channel.

3. Subscribe Existing users
When enabled this will ensure that all current users will be subscribed.

How to use it: Navigate to the channels editor in the tenant admin console and either edit a channel or add a new channel to access the new subscription options.

Email Digest images and Unsubscribe feature

The digest email now shows thumbnails for images included in the message to enhance the visual experience of the email. An ‘unsubscribe’ feature has also been added to the email so users can opt-out from the digest right from their inbox, instead of asking for an admin to remove them.

If a user unsubscribes they will be listed in the Unsubscribed Users tab in the Cloud Comm digest editor.

How to use it: Thumbnail images are automatically added. To unsubscribe from a digest email, click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the digest email.

To view unsubscribed users, navigate to the digest section of the Cloud Comm admin settings console and click the unsubscribed user tab.

More granular user activity reporting

Depending on your use case for ONE, you may want users logging in once a week, once a day, etc (generally, once a week fits most adoption efforts). Previous to this release, all users who logged in the last 5 days were grouped in an ‘Active last 1-5 days’ tier. In this release we have expanded the 1-5 day tiers to each individual day, allowing for more specific user login and adoption tracking.

How to use it: Navigate to the tenant admin reports console and select users to see the new breakdown.

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