ONE Platform Release 1.51

The Sitrion ONE Cloud Communications platform is the standalone end-to-end communications solution that publishes content to the Sitiron ONE stream on mobile and desktop clients.

Save a new message as a draft


This feature allows Cloud Comm Authors to start a new story and save it as a draft for future editing. We’ve also renamed the ‘Send’ button to ‘Publish.’ This wording change is in preparation for an Approval feature that is soon to be released. Stay tuned for that update.

How to use it:  To save a draft message, just click the draft icon beside the Publish button (formerly Send) and the message will be save as a draft.
Saved drafts will appear in your list of cards with an edit button. You can identify drafts by the orange draft tag at the top of the cards. You can also filter your view to only view draft cards.

Publish a single card in multiple languages

Messages can now be published in multiple languages and sent as a single card. Users will be able to view messages in other languages if their device is configured for one of the message languages chosen. The message will not be auto-translated; instead, authors will have to provide the translations. Should the users device language not be on of the chosen languages for the message, the message will display in the tenant default language.

How to use it: The first step is for an admin to enable multiple authoring languages. Select the desired languages in the Cloud Comm Admin Console under Settings.

Find the Language for message composition section and deselect “Allow to write messages in your tenant default language only”. Next select the desired languages you wish your authors to use.

Once an admin has enabled authoring in multiple languages you can create cards with multiple language versions. During card creation, select the flag that represents the language you wish to add to the message. Insert the translated text appropriate for that language. The flag icon will flip from grayscale to color once content is inserted in the corresponding card version. See below for an example that includes content for a French and English version of the card.

Kelly Gault, Senior Solutions Engineer

Kelly has over 20 years of experience building custom desktop, mobile, and web based solutions. Based out of our Canadian office and a member of our Services delivery team, Kelly is happiest when using technology to solve complex problems for our customers. In addition to development, Kelly offers our customer base a unique blend of expertise in training, documentation, and architecture. When not geeking out with technology, you will find Kelly adventuring in the wilderness by bike, boat, or board.


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