ONE Platform Release 1.52

The Sitrion ONE Cloud Communications platform is the standalone end-to-end communications solution that publishes content to the Sitiron ONE stream on mobile and desktop clients.

Tappable images with pinch and zoom

We've added the ability for users to tap images, which will load them in an image-only view. In this view, users can pinch and zoom on the image.

How to use it: On any cloud comm card users can now just tap the image to enable the pinch and zoom.

Social functions added to polls

We’ve extended the social functions of messages to poll cards, allowing users to like and comment on polls.
How to use it: Any new poll cards created after this release will automatically have likes and comments enabled by default. If you don’t want a specific poll to have social interactions, you have the ability to disable the social interactions just as you would for a news message.

Message targeting UI improvement

To make make targeting more clear during message creation, the group selector is now placed next to the channel selector.

Updated Send Message microapp

The 'Send Message' microapp permits cloud comm authors to publish messages from their mobile phone. In this version authors can select multiple groups to target and ad multiple images and captions for those images.

New initiated user activity report algorithm

User activity metrics calculations have been improved on the User Report in central admin. The Active Users - Last 7 Days and Active Users - Last 30 Days numbers now only report users that have come back to the system at least two unique days.

The intention of this change is to avoid counting users that have downloaded the app and only come once to the system. Customer feedback suggested that counting these users was not a fair representation of active users. This new way of counting active users is only going to affect new users to the system and will not account for existing users before this upgrade

We’ve also added a count of new users that have joined the system in the last 7 and 30 days making it easier for administrators to determine how many new users have joined the system.

Daily User Login Report improved

The daily user login report now has an export function and also provides an the  average for the last month

How to use it: In the Tenant Admin -> Reports -> Users -> Daily user logins report you will now see a  export to excel button along with the current average at the top.

Schedule a draft

In this version, cloud comm authors can now set a scheduled publish date for draft messages which will change the message from a draft to a scheduled message.
How to use it: When editing a draft message, authors can now set a scheduled publish date using the calendar object at the bottom of the editor view. Once a publish date is set, click save to change this message from draft to a scheduled message.

New Share Report

Along with other reporting improvements, in this release we have added a new share report in the cloud comm reports console allowing cloud comm admins to review share metrics for cloud comm messages. Metrics displayed are Total shares, shares by time of day and top sharers.

How to use it: Navigate to Cloud Comm > Reports > Shares to view the new report page.

Group-level data reporting

You can now filter reports by groups. This allows our customers to look at segmented populations and how they are performing in various metrics in the platform.The following reports now support group filterting:

Tenant Admin

  • Users console
  • Reports > Users
  • Reports > Inactive users

Cloud Comm

  • Reports > Confirmations
  • Reports > Invitations
  • Reports > Invitation Analytics
  • Reports > Messages
  • Reports > Polls
  • Reports > Kudos
  • Reports > Badges
  • Reports > Shares

How to use it: In any of the reports mentioned above find the group dropdown to filter the report by a specific group.

New email digest options

Cloud comm email digest now has more options available to modify what content is included. Admins can toggle images on or off in the email, or choose to include or exclude global content in a cloud comm writers digest.

How to use it: Navigate to Cloud Comm > Settings > Digest to configure your digest settings.


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