ONE Platform Release 1.54

Terms of Use

In this release, Sitrion has added a Terms of Use feature allowing you to set a term of use for the app that users must accept before accessing the app features.
How to use it: In the Tenant admin view, navigate to the terms of use console. Here you can create terms of use in multiple languages. You can also enable and disable the user prompt by clicking the active checkbox. When new or existing users log in next, they will be prompted to accept the terms of use.

Confirmation Card Reminders

In this latest release, cloud comm admins and writers will be able to send reminder task cards to users who have not confirmed a confirmation card. Users with push notifications enabled will receive a push notification indicating the request to confirm.
How to use it: In the Cloud Comm Messages console, admins and writers can open a confirmation message detail view and view all users who haven’t responded to the confirmation. At this view you can send individual reminders or a reminder to all users. The text is editable and clicking the remind button will provide the user a card reminding them of the missing confirmation.

Message approval card notifications

As a follow up to the Message Approvals feature, this version will now notify approvers that a message is waiting for approval. Suggesters will also get a notification when a message has been approved or denied. Cloud Comm admins will only get notification cards if there are no approvers defined that can approve the message that has been suggested. Each notification card is marked as important and will have a push notification sent out if the approver is subscribed.

Adding Cloud Comm writers with permissions

In this release admins can grant permissions when adding new cloud comm writers
How to use it: Navigate to Cloud Comm->Permissions-> Writer Permissions and you now can add a writer from this screen. Select the permissions you want to grant, then use the search bar to find your new writers. The selected permissions will apply to all selected users.

Attach YouTube and Vimeo videos to messages

In 1.54 you can now easily attach YouTube and Vimeo videos to your messages. In a future release we will support other systems such as Brightcove and
How to use it: When authoring a new message, you can add a third-party video by clicking the add video button and then selecting the third-party tab. 

Customize Inactive Users email

The inactive user email can now be customized with your organization’s branding.
How to use it: Navigate to the Tenant Admin -> Settings -> Email Templates and select Inactive Users to edit the email template.

Export Group membership for Cloud Comm writers

Another addition to Cloud Comms is the ability for cloud comm writers to export the group membership for groups they have permissions to write messages to.

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