ONE Platform Release 1.62


Text length limit for Image captions and poll choices removed

Limeade has removed the limit of 125 characters from both the poll choice items and the image captions in the communications console.

How to use it: Navigate to the Cloud Comm -> New Message console and now authors can add captions and poll choices of any length. 

CAUTION: Limeade believes that both these fields should be limited in length to ensure a readable experience for employees, use this new capability with caution.

Audio File Support for Communications

Limeade has introduced the ability to add audio file support to the platform. This capability includes a new audio control that permits employees to listen to an audio file directly from a card. 

How to use it: To upload an audio file, Resource administrators can upload popular audio files to the Resources -> Files console. Once uploaded, authors can attach the audio files to messages by clicking the “Attach Audio Files” button on the Cloud Comm -> New Message console. Authors will be presented with an audio file browser dialogue which only displays recognized audio formats. Employees can also access audio files via the ONE Files MicroApp if it is deployed to their services screen.

*Supported Audio Files: MP3, AAC, M4A

Custom Kudos Name

In this release Limeade has introduced the ability to rename the Kudos experience for employees to align with your organizations internal peer to peer recognition program. 

How to use it: Navigate to the Cloud Comm-> Kudos console and administrators are presented with a new “Customize the term ‘Kudos’”. Select a language and you can insert the appropriate term in the text box and click “add localization” repeat this process for each of your supported languages.


New Cloud Comm Mobile MicroApp

A new MicroApp intended for Cloud Comm Writers is available to your organization. This MicroApp enables the following new functions for posting Cloud Comm messages from a mobile device:

  • Edit message
  • Delete Message
  • Set message attributes
  • Message Preview

How to use it: Contact your Customer Success Manager for details

Comment Updates – Reply and Liking

In this release, Limeade has added the capability for employees to reply to and like comments. When a reply is made to a comment the original author of the comment that was replied to will receive a notification for the reply if they have the “comment on my posts” notifications enabled.

How to use it: When an employee views a comment in the comment list of a message, they can like or reply to a comment. To reply, tap the reply button which will navigate the employee to the comment reply view where all replies to the comment can be viewed. Sub comments can be liked but cannot be replied to.

Polls Report – Group Segmentation

Limeade added the ability to look at poll responses filtered by group in this release.

How to use it: Navigate to the Cloud Comm -> Reports -> Polls or the Cloud Comm -> Messages console and select a poll. Above the results graph, the ability to view responses for a specific group is available by selecting a group from the dropdown.


Message in Messages Report clickable to view message details

In this release, Limeade added the ability to easily navigate to the message details view for any message in the messages report.

How to use it: Navigate to the Cloud Comm -> Reports -> Messages console and any message listed is not clickable to navigate to the message details.


RSS Support

Full RSS support has been added in the Cloud Comms Module in this release. Administrators can add valid RSS feeds to automatically add content to employees’ feeds. The feature support targeting groups, channels and the following message attributes: important, push notifications, Disable social interactions, card lifetime.

How to use it: Navigate to the Cloud Comm -> Feed Messages console and click add feed to add a new RSS feed. Each time a feed is created, a new user is created in the tenant be the feed author. Tenant Administrators can edit the created users Name, and Profile picture to align with the feed content.

Note: Poorly formatted RSS may not display as expected.



New Files Permissions Model in Resources

In this release Limeade has added a restriction for users with the manage file right to not be able to manage folders they are not permitted to see.

How to use it: This feature is automatic. Once a user is granted the manage files right in the Resources -> Permissions console, these users can only manage the files for folders they are permitted to view.

What's fixed
  • An issue with cloud comm messages that have embedded images copied inside the message contents,  Authors will be warned about the invalid message content and asked to resolve the issue before posting.
  • An issue where if a URL in a message contains the character sequence “&reg” the link would be truncated and not work correctly.
  • A bug where the group console was reporting deleted users in the count of members.
  • An issue where the preview of a Terms of Use did not display unordered lists properly.
  • A bug where channel profile descriptions were being cutoff.
  • An issue where profile images uploaded via the ONE API were failing.
  • A bug where an author’s display name was not showing properly on cards.
  • A bug in the chat feature where employees could not open a chat conversation.
  • An issue where the detail view metric for a cloud comm card was not displaying the correct view count.
  • A bug where cloud comm message created from a template with a different publisher was not showing the right chosen publisher when published.
  • A performance issue with the user report.
  • A bug in the post a message MicroApp where if a user didn’t provide message text the employee would be told message submitted but the message would never be published.


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