ONE Platform Release 1.63


Link Support in Comments

Limeade has added the rendering of clickable links in cloud comm message comments.

How to use it: The update to cloud comm message cards are enabled for all customers. If an employee adds a link to a comment, the ONE platform will detect the link and render it clickable for all viewers of the comment.


Cloud Comm Mobile MicroApp Updates

In this release, the Cloud Comm mobile app received a few updates.

  • Updated Error Messages
  • Translated Channel Support
  • Updated German Translations

How to use it: The update to the cloud comm mobile app is automatically deployed for all customers who use the MicroApp 

Important Expiry

The Important modifier of messages in cloud comm messages is getting an update where cards can have an important expiry. When the important expiry expires, the card will remain in the feed but will no longer be important.

How to use it: In the New Message console or Edit Message Dialogue, you can now set the expiry for important.


Cloud Comm Setting to turn off comments and/or likes by default

This release provides the ability to set comments and/or likes as disabled in all new messages by default. Authors can still choose to enable them if they are granted to disable social permission for messages.

How to use it: In the New Message console or Edit Message Dialogue, you can now set the expiry for important.


Delete Message from Detail View

Limeade customer have requested the ability to allow content producers to be able to delete their messages directly from the message instead of using the cloud comm console or the cloud comm mobile app. When optionally enabled, a delete button will appear on the detail view of cloud comm messages for the following users:

  • Tenant Administrators
  • Cloud Comm Administrators
  • Writers whom have the permission to edit messages for the targeted groups
  • End users who have authored messages using microapps such as submit an idea, ask a question or post a message.

***Once a message is deleted it cannot be recovered.

How to use it: To enable this optional feature, the cloud comm card requires a configuration entry with a key AllowDeleteMessage and a value or True. It is recommended you ask your customer success manager to help you this configuration.


End User Support Page respects writer permissions.

In this release, the End user support page fully respects a writer’s permissions. This means that writers granted the permission to the End User Support console will only be able to manage users in the groups the writers have permission to send messages to. Other users who aren’t writers that are granted this permission will be able to manage all users. 

How to use it: As an administrator navigate to Tenant Admin -> Permissions to grant a writer or any other user access to the console. Writers can access the console from the Cloud Comm -> End User Support console. Other users can find it at Tenant Admin -> End User Support


Tenant Administration

Customizable Chat notification email template

In this release, the ability to customize the chat email notification that employees receive when subscribed to email notifications.

How to use it: Tenant administrators can configure the chat email notification template by navigating to the Tenant Admin -> Branding -> Messages and select the Chat Notification template.


Group Targeted Terms of Use
Limeade has added the capability to target terms of use to a group of employees. Employees will require to accept all terms assigned to them either globally or as part of their group memberships.

How to use it: Tenant administrators can configure term of use by navigating to the Tenant Admin -> Terms of Use and create a new terms of use entry. Groups Cannot be applied to an existing Terms of Use that has been enabled.



Employee Phone Number in User Export

In this release, phone numbers that are collected either during employee registration or from the Profile feature can be exported using the User export feature

How to use it: Tenant administrators can export user and their registered phone number by navigating to the Tenant Admin -> Users console and click the Export Users button.


HTML Client

Native Employee Profiles

Limeade has been working on native experience for viewing and editing an employee’ s profile. This release of the server will enable this feature in the HTML Client.
Other clients will follow early in 2019. Employees can also edit their profiles by clicking their avatar at the top right of the feed view. Employees can edit fields such as profile picture, cover photo, display name, title, About me, department, location phone, contact email, expertise and skills.
Any of these fields can be enabled or disabled by tenant administrators via the Tenant Admin -> Settings -> User console

How to use it: This feature is enabled by default.



User Export API

In this release Limeade has added a new API that allows customers to request an export of a tenant’s user list.

How to use it: Integration Developers can review swagger documentation here:!/GroupSync/GroupSync_GetSyncExport


Social Features on any Card

Limeade has added the capability to make any card have the ability to comment on like leveraging the social capabilities offered as part of the ONE platform.

How to use it: Custom card developers can use a soon to be released version of AppBuilder to add the social capabilities to any card. 

What's fixed
  • A Typo was fixed in the document browser.
  • Twitter posts didn’t respect the disabling of comment or likes.
  • Saving a new campaign order was failing with unspecified error.
  • Confirmation Cards were not respecting the card expiry date time.
  • Auto translate for messages with BBCode were not rendering properly.
  • The HTML client was showing a new chat message indicator when there were no new messages.


Markus von Aschoff, VP, Portfolio Management

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