ONE Platform Release 1.64




In this version of the ONE platform, we are introducing a new bookmark capability allowing users to bookmark cards for later consumption.

This feature will initially be available for the HTML client. The mobile clients will be releasing this capability in their next client release 3.30.

How to use it: Users can bookmark a message/card by tapping the top left card menu and tapping Add to bookmarks. The bookmark is then accessible to users by navigating to their profile by tapping their profile picture in the top right of the clients. The profile page for a user now displays a tab for bookmarks in which all user bookmarks are viewable. Users can remove the bookmark by again tapping the card menu and selecting remove bookmark.

Reply to Comments on Poll & Kudos Cards

Limeade has added the ability to reply to comments in the poll and kudos cards.

How to use it: Users can reply to comments like on news cards




Translation Services available for New Message Console

Limeade has added the ability to request machine translations for cloud comm messages. When used, a message written in one language can be translated with formatting to another language that does not already have content.

NOTE: There is a 5000 character maximum when using this service. If a message exceeds this character count, the end of the message will be truncated, and an error message will be displayed.

How to use it: The feature is only available in customer tenants with the following configuration:

1. Translation Services is enabled on the Tenant admin -> Settings -> Configuration console

2. Multiple languages for composition are enabled in the Cloud Comm -> Settings -> Options console

When the above items are enabled and an author provides a headline and message content of a new message/poll/confirmation message, an auto-translate button will appear below the language flags. The Author can then click the auto translate button which will display a checkmark above each flag of the languages that do not have content. The author, can uncheck any language they do not want to provide translations for. Once satisfied with the language selection(s), clicking apply will add the translations to the selected languages including any poll and confirmation options. Authors should verify the translations and formatting before publishing the message.

Replying to Comments in Cloud Comm Console

Limeade has extended the ability to reply to comments in the cloud comm console.

How to use it: Navigate to Cloud Comm -> Messages and select the message with the comment you wish to reply. In the Reactions section of the message detail dialogue, authors can respond to each comment individually using the reply text box below the comment. If authors have the “Change message publisher” permission, they can also change the author of the comment to come from another user in the system. The user who made the original comment will receive a notification that their comment has received a reply.

New Cloud Comm Message Filters

In this release the messages console will have many new filters for messages. The new filters are:

  • Message Date
  • Expired Messages
  • Important Messages

With this addition we’ve also added a new indicator for expired messages for the message list.

How to use it: Navigate to Cloud Comm -> Messages and the new filters will be available in the Filter panel on the right side of the console.



Folder Write Group Permission

In this release, group write permissions have been added to the Folder permissions model, allowing Admins to control who can write to folders.

How to use it: Navigate to the Resources -> Folders console and you will have a new permission panel for who can write to this folder. Users in the group(s) specified still require the Manage File permission to access the console and upload files.


Tenant Administration


Terms of Use API

In this release Limeade has added a new API that allows customers to request an export of all users that have accepted the terms of use.

How to use it: Integration Developers can review swagger documentation here:!/UserManagement/UserManagement_GetUserTermExport

What's fixed


  • Authentication system has many bug fixes to stabilize the authentication flow and resolve user authentication related issues.
  • Issue with editing links in Cloud Comms using the Firefox browser.
  • Resolved an issue where if a user has unseen important cards they are moved to the top of the feed if they are older than the first 50 cards in their feed, ensuring important visibility.
  • The admin password reset feature for customers using identity server now enforces the minimum password requirement of 8 characters.
  • Unsubscribing all subscribers for channel with many users in the channel console no longer throws an error.
  • An issue where deleting your own comment on a message was not working.
  • Resolved an issue with search for user First and Last name not returning expected results.
  • Fixed an issue where if a group is deleted, all cards where the group was targeted were also deleted. Now the group deletion will remove the group from the messages and if there are no other group targets, the card will be preserved in the console but will not be sent out globally to all users. The cards in the above case would need to be republished using the edit message functionality.

Markus von Aschoff, VP, Portfolio Management

As the Vice President of Portfolio Management, Markus is responsible for the strategic product portfolio and product & solutions lifecycle. His tasks range from market research, customer and partner interviews to conceptualizing, evangelizing and productizing new solutions for the Sitrion product portfolio. He works closely with R&D, marketing, sales, and professional services to find the next big thing for Sitrion and to get it into the market ahead of the competition. Prior to Sitrion he co-founded a strategy consulting company, helped entrepreneurs to quadruple their business, and started two martial arts schools having trained more than 500 martial arts students.


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