Sitrion ONE

Sitrion ONE is the easiest way to mobilize your workforce. Within minutes we’ll set up your ONE cloud tenant to manage roles, micro-apps, security, integrations, and general administration. Via the hub you use our pre-built connectors to sync data with SAP, SharePoint, Salesforce and any REST endpoint. To ensure the highest levels of security, Sitrion ONE leverages existing enterprise SSO capabilities and securely connects cloud and on-premise systems - with or without MDM/MAM/VPN/Proxy. Now you can combine the power of native apps with the freedom of cloud-based micro-apps and Microsoft Visual Studio-based micro-app creation. Done. Your users just go the respective app store, download the app, and log in with corporate credentials. ONE … and done.

Björn Nee, Technology Evangelist

Björn works in our Oldenburg, Germany office. Since he joined the company in 2007, he has held various positions from Director of Solutions, to Senior Architect, to Services Lead. Previously, Björn worked for industrial and consulting companies including BASF IT Services and Schenker where his key goal was to make work better by developing great IT and software solutions. His passion is to inspire people to be more efficient, productive, and happy at work using Sitrion's solutions.

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