Windows Phone Client 3.7 Released

-We've added support for offline mode. What this means is you can execute actions on offline-enabled cards while your phone isn't connected to wifi/cellular data (if your tenant is set to support offline).
-We added a link to our privacy policy to the login screen so it is more prominent.
-You can hide the tasks tab in the app by changing a setting in your tenant.
-Bbcode support has been added.
-You can now easily change or delete credentials you have provided for backend systems in the settings screen.
-If you launch a microapp or card that requires credentials to a backend system, the app will now prompt you for them.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a problem where user profile pictures were not appearing on cards or the settings page.
-Resolved a crashing bug when posting a social item without having already provided your Windows credentials.
-Adjusted the size of the dismiss button on cards so it's easier to tap.
-The app will now better indicate that it is refreshing (before there was no apparent activity going on).
-Fixed an issue where duplicate cards appeared in your stream.

Jenny Blumberg, Mobile Solutions Manager

In Jenny's years at Sitrion she has supported many products including Glassboard, widgets, various RSS readers, and the Sitrion Social mobile apps. When she’s not conquering enterprise mobile challenges, she’s snowboarding, cooking, or camping in beautiful Colorado.

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