Theme Management

From the Themes page, customers can easily brand their client with their company logo and color.

Click Save at the bottom of the theme configuration area to save changes (or Reset to start from scratch or Delete to remove the theme altogether).

Setting the default theme

To set the default client display theme for new roles, select a theme from the Default Theme menu and click Save

Creating a new theme

To create a new theme, click on the +Create link (beside the Edit Theme menu).  Enter the name of the theme and click Create.

Configuring a theme

To configure a new or existing theme, go to the Edit Theme section.   To the right of that section is a theme emulator which helps given an idea of what the theme will look like.

Theme name

The theme name is automatically filled-in the Name field but can be edited.   


Click on Upload new logo to load in a new logo.   The user is prompted to choose a file and then clicks Upload to load the file into the portal.  (The URL of the uploaded logo appears in the Logo field.).  The logo will appear at the top of the client as emulated under the Start Screen and Apps Screen tabs to the right of theme editing area.   Multiple logos can be uploaded and the default logo can be changed from that list by clicking on View uploaded logos, selecting a new default and clicking Choose.


Underneath the logo upload area is where the following colors can be specified:


- Primary Color (header color, link colors, navigation indicators, app list color, etc.)
- Header Font color (text color in the header)
- Tint Color (gear icon, “back” and “more” text, etc.)

To specify a color, click on the menu and drag the black dot and spectrum selector to the desired color on the pantone selector.
Alternatively, specify the color number (with #prefix underneath the paletter).  Click Choose to save changes.
The selected colors can also be previewed in the theme emulator to the right of the theme configuration area as seen below.

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