Sitrion ONE Groups

The Sitrion ONE platform allows productivity content to be routed to users based on a group subscription model. A Sitrion ONE user can be a member of a single or multiple groups. When a Sitrion ONE Productivity Card is sent to a specified group, all users within this group will see the published card content in their Sitrion ONE Productivity Stream (HUB). A good example of the use of this feature is the Sitrion ONE Cloud Communications module. The Cloud Communications module allows Corporate Communications messages to be published and sent to specific users by use of the Sitrion ONE Groups feature. In addition to the Cloud Communications module, any system that publishes productivity cards to the Sitrion ONE platform can leverage group targeting.

Most organizations today already group their employees in some way to streamline many business functions. These groupings take on many forms such as email groups, security groups, regional groups etc. The Sitrion ONE platform is designed to be synchronized with these organizational groups using a feature called Sitrion ONE Group Synchronization.

Sitrion ONE Group Synchronization Methods

The Sitrion ONE Group Synchronization feature currently supports 3 different methods for organizations to synchronize their groups with the platform.

  1. User Initiated CSV Upload
    This synchronization method allows a Sitrion ONE user with Cloud Communications or Tenant administration rights to manually upload a predefined group and member files to the platform. The file format for these files is the Comma Separated Values (CSV) format.
  2. CSV Upload Service
    The Web service CSV upload method, allows organizations to automate the sending of the groups.csv and groupmembers.csv files to Sitrion via a REST based web service hosted in the Sitrion ONE platform.
  3. CSV On Premise Windows Service Synchronization
    This synchronization method allows organizations to automate the process by installing an on premise windows service that watches a folder for new files and when new files are added will perform a synchronization with the Sitrion ONE platform.
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