Development Guide

The Development Guide provides information about the AppBuilder. Before you start using the AppBuilder, please make sure, that you've installed it in your Visual Studio. If you haven't installed it already, please follow the Installation Guide for it.

Creating a new project

The first step you take to get started is to start with a new Visual Studio project. The AppBuilder extension has installed a few new project templates to your Visual Studio.

In the New Project window of Visual Studio you'll find next to the default sections like "Visual C#", "Visual Basic", ... a new section called "Sitrion". The Sitrion section contains three project templates, which can be used for different use cases:

Sitrion ONE Card

The Card project is the project type to create ONE Cards. Inside of this project you can define and develop which data from a backend system like SharePoint should be visualized to a user. The Card basically takes the data which got published from a Collector in the given backend system to the cloud and visualizes it in a certain for to the user.

Sitrion ONE Micro-App

This project type allows you to create Micro-Apps. Micro-Apps can be built with or without Connectors to a backend system. Even if you decide at a later point, that you would like to implement backend connectivity, you can of course start with a micro-app without a Connector involved, just to visualize information or to access certain information just through .NET code (e.g. web services on the internet, hard coded information, ...)

General Development Pattern

Cards and Micro-Apps are following a pattern to connect business logic/data to the UI layer.

AppBuilder is splitted in four main sections:


This is the UI layer. Screens are bound through Fields and Actions based on the definition in Data & Actions

Data & Actions

Data & Actions defines the backend connectivity through Connectors or custom code in Cards and Micro-Apps. Selected functionality/methods from your backend will generated the connectivtiy between the System and the Service.

Publish is not directly involed in the development flow, this step is the final step which publishes your Card or Micro-App to your tenant on to get get your Card or Micro-App on a device.
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