Data & Actions

Data & Actions contains the definition inside of a project for the connectivity to backends through Connectors. The Connectors itself are explained in more detail in the Integration Guide of this documentation.

Add Data Source

Adding a data source is in general very similar for each type of connector. In the first step you've to select the type of connector which you would like to connect to a certain backend system and provide a name for it.

Endpoint Selection

If you haven't already logged on before to the Cloud in your AppBuilder session, you'll now get forced to logon. At this point AppBuilder will retrieve the available endpoints from your Cloud tenant for the given Connector. The endpoint are the connection definition to the given system.

General Functions

The systems tab has a few general functions:

Refresh Data Sources
Refreshes the Data Sources based on your given code.

Get More From Source
Is used to modify your current data source selection

Edit Endpoint
This provides you the option to edit or change the current endpoint

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