The Publish section allows you configure and publish your project to your cloud tenant.


The general tab provides you the

Application name - This is the name how you can find this application in the administration portal.

Version - It's recommended to update this everytime you publish a new version of your project.

Description, Key Features and Requirements - This fields can optional be populated with information. They aren't mandatory


Here you can upload an image for your micro app. This image is used for a micro app on the mobile device.


The settings tab can be used to configure the following things if you want to adjust them:

Api Level - The Api Level ...

Keys and Init Function - ...

Has Init Function - ...

Languages - Defines the supported languages of your Project. By default English is always the initial and fallback language. If you want to support further languages, you can simply select them here. Once they are selected, the language picker on screen controls provides you the option to maintain things like labels in multiple languages. The language gets recognized based on the device language.


This is the unique identifier of a Card or Micro-App.

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