Action List

The action list control is used to fullfil a list of defined actions in a defined order. It can be used in a lot of cases, like as an initial action, as an action on executing something (e.g. button click).



Sets the icon, which is used for displaying the action list on the screen (if sufficent)

The icon can be selected from a standard icon list, uploaded (as PNG) or be data-bound (e.g. {CustomerId}.png, where {CustomerId} is the information from a data binding.). The icon alows to be stored on the device itself, which can optimize the performance to load the icon during runtime.


Contain a sequence of different actions which should be executed in the action list

Possible actions are 

Alert Message
Action List
Go Back
Navigate To Screen


Sets the Text of an action list, if used like a button


Set's the visibility of this control and/or if it should be executed

For design control this controls the visibility of the control. For non visible controls (e.g. actions), this controls if the action should be executed or not.

Sample Solution

Download a sample solution from our GitHub online repository

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