Combo box

The Combo Box control (Picker / Dropdown) allows to select a certain entry from a list of values



Text which shows up infront of the control


Name of the property which should be shown in the combo box

This is a property of a single item from the item source.


List or array of objects


Action which gets executed once you select an item from the combo box

Possible actions are 

Alert Message
Action List
Go Back
Navigate To Screen


A view model field which gets assigned the selected item of a combox box

This should have the same datatype like a single item of the item source


Set's the visibility of this control and/or if it should be executed

For design control this controls the visibility of the control. For non visible controls (e.g. actions), this controls if the action should be executed or not.


Sample Solution

Download a sample solution from our GitHub online repository

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