Pie chart

Pie charts can be used to display one-dimensional data, along with a legend to better describe the respective data values.



Defines the alignment of the chart on the screen


Defines the Data Values of the parts

One-dimensional collection containing double values. This can be either of type double[] or List<double>. Each entry will be displayed as a slice of the chart.


Labels of each part

One-dimensional collection containing string values. This can be either of type string[] or List<string>. The labels will be displayed in the chart legend.


Set's the visibility of this control and/or if it should be executed

For design control this controls the visibility of the control. For non visible controls (e.g. actions), this controls if the action should be executed or not.


Show pie chart as doughnout

Setting this flag displays the chart as doughnut instead of a simple pie.


Position of the legend

Sets the position of the legend relative to the chart. Possible values are Left, Top, Right, and Bottom.

Sample Solution

Download a sample solution from our GitHub online repository https://github.com/sitrionone

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