Getting Started

Welcome to Sitrion ONE, a comprehensive solution for building native cross-platform mobile apps for the enterprise. ONE is a modular platform that provides a complete set of tools, components and pre-packagaged cloud services for quickly developing, deploying and managing mobile apps.

We want you to get started with ONE immediately and without hassle. In this section we assembled all the information you need for building your first enterprise mobile app. By the way: If you didn't sign up for ONE yet - now is a good time for that! 

First Steps

You should start with reading the overview as it will give you an idea how ONE works and what the main components are. Configuring your ONE tenant and installing the AppBuilder, a development extension for Microsoft Visual Studio, will empower you to build your first ONE app. Please keep in mind that you can always check out our Tutorial Videos.

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Read the Overview

Configure your Tenant

Install the

Build your first App

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