You can access the ONE Administration of your tenant at The Adminstration front-end lets you configure various platform capabilities such as Roles, Users, Systems, Micro-Apps and more. Also you can check the connectivty status of the ONE cloud to your on-premises infrastructure here. User credentials for the ONE Adminstration are the same as for the ONE DevCentral.


This is the ONE extension for Microsoft Visual Studio. You can find it in the Visual Studio Gallery and simply add it to your local Visual Studio Installation. The AppBuilder allows you to build Micro-Apps and Cards, create integrations into on-prem and cloud systems and debug your projects leveraging built-in SmartPhone and Tablet emulators. Once finished with your project you can upload it to the ONE Cloud and assign it to Users and/or Roles.


A cards is used to display information and approval tasks in the Productivity Stream. Cards normally are based on triggers in a backend system and represent data that got pushed to the ONE Cloud by these systems. There are two types of cards: Info and Approval cards. An Info card displays data only, an Approval card can send back approval actions to the underlying backend system. Developers can build and define Cards and their databindings with the AppBuilder.

Client App

The Client App is a native App available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. It downloads the Micro-App/Card definitions and data from the ONE Cloud and renders everything on the device using native controls. Cards are pushed into the Productivity Stream. Micro-Apps can be launched from the Apps Tab. The Client App can be themed by the Administrator (e.g. logo, key colors etc.).


This is the hosting, runtime and management backbone of Sitrion ONE. It's a multi-tenant infrastructure with data centers in North America, Europe and Asia. A Cloud tenant can be connected to your corporate data center and backend systems using the ONE Hub. All Micro Apps, Roles and System Connections are managend in the Cloud. You can access your cloud tenant via the Adminstration and your ONE admin credentials at


Collectors are  a mechanism to move data from backend systems into the ONE Cloud to ensure that the clients can quickly retrieve and render Cards. Each Collector is optimized to work with a specific backend system and simply integrates with the ONE Cloud at the point of passing data into the Card API along with the identity of the associated card implementation. 


Connectors are used for integrating Micro-Apps with specific backend systems such as SAP, SharePoint or They have a design-time and run-time component. At design-time a connector can be used in the AppBuilder to browse backend system elements and types. Micro-Apps use Connectors at runtime for sending or receiving data from these systems. 


This is the gateway between your corporate systems and the ONE cloud. The Hub is a lightweight service that establishes a secure tunnel from your data center to the ONE Cloud. It also manages connectivity to your backend systems and stores user credentials securely in your environment. Once the Hub connection to the Cloud breaks it will automatically reconnect and try to recover. You can check the Health Status of your Hub connection in the ONE Administration at


A Micro-App is used in Data Entry and Data Lookup scenarios. They can provide direct access of data from one multiple backend systems using Connectors. Micro-Apps can have multiple interconnected screens that render data using native device controls. The AppBuilder is used for building and publishing Micro Apps, the Administration ( allows you to assign Micro Apps to specific Roles and/or Users. 

Productivity Stream

Cards are presented in a Productivity Stream in the ONE Client App. This stream is sorted by reverse chronological order and displays all Cards.

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