Custom Collector

The cloud has an own Card API, which allows you to connect with from a certain backend systems.

Cards have basically two components.

The first one is the UI which gets designed by using the AppBuilder.

The second component is the backend data. The handling on cards is different than it is for Micro-Apps. Micro-Apps are pulling data from a backend system while Cards get data pushed from a backend. For cards, ONE is using a Card API in the cloud. The Card API is based on a REST endpoint.

The endpoint URL is which requires your company id and your customer secret for authentication. The card data is provided within a card routing object as JSON.

The web request needs two header objects for authentication:

Authorization = “sitauth ”+CompanyPassword as Base64
Sample: If company password is “MyCompanySecret, the header would be
Authorization = “sitauth TXlDb21wYW55U2VjcmV0”

sitrion-companyId = CompanyId as string
Sample: If my company id is “FEA28DF4-3B31-489B-AE7A-43B5B19CE878”, the header would be
sitrion-companyId = “fea28df4-3b31-489b-ae7a-43b5b19ce878”)

The body needs to contain the card routing object as JSON:

    "Actor": {
        "DisplayName": "John Doe",
        "Email": ""
    "SendTo": [
            "DisplayName": "Jane Doe",
            "Email": ""
    "CardId": "31483b47-2b27-459e-8da4-5c0936534f3a",
    "MessageType": "MyCard",
    "ActionType": 1,
    "Data": {
        "PurchaseOrderId": "123456789",
        "Title": "New Purchase Order"
    "CardDate": "2015-05-26T13:31:21.2383418Z"

ActionType = 0=None, 1=Create, 2=Update, 3=Delete
Initially you have to create a card, with the card id you can also execute other action on the same card

The datetime which shows up in the header of a card (recommend UTC time)

This needs to be a unique id for your card, this id can be used later for card actions like delete or update   

This is the identifier between the metadata you're sending here and the card UI, which you have to build with the AppBuilder

This get's displayed in the card header as the person who sent the card, if the Email property matches a ONE user, the profile picture on the card will be retrieved based in this

With SendTo you can define the ONE users which should receive this card, if you keep SendTo empty, everyone who has assigned this card in a role will receive the card

Data is a simple Dictionary which you can be prefilled with the data which you would need on a card

You can find a sample solution based on .NET code in our GitHub repository, this contains also a JSON sample incl. a JSON schema.

Download a sample solution from our GitHub online repository

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