The Sitrion ONE SAP workflow collector is a SAP program to send workflow decision steps out of SAP to the web service ONE hub. The collector core is designed to be run on all SAP System and not related to any SAP module specific functionality. In standard shipment, the collector does not contain any workflow task specific coding, the data evaluation will be the same for all task types.


- SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 4 at minimum
- Standard SAP workflow customization (transaction SWU3)
- Implemented and activated workflow(s) with "User Decision Step"
- Import of the ONE SAP collector transport (transport of copies) with objects in Sitrion's own /APPS/ namespace
Initial Configuration
- Installed Card Webservice
- (Optional) Schedule background job periodically to run our SAP Report /APPS/ONE_RUN periodically and push data into ONE

Requirements for customization

For the basic customizing your the following permissions are required:

SAP User
The SAP user is needed for configuration purposes

Customizing Authorization for Sitrion ONE collector and SOA Manager

(Optional) Setup ONE Collector as periodically background job 
SP01, SM37


By default, the ONE collector retrieves the user decision step task description without specific details. If you want to enrich the data which get's provided to the user, you need the following permissions in addition:

SAP User
The SAP user is needed for implementation and configuration purposes

SAP Developer License Key 
The key is needed to integrate custom workflow decision tasks through enhancement implementation 

Developer Authorization at minimum access to transactions
Debugging authorization 
SE38 to test Sitrion SAP Collector and enhancement implementation
SE80 to implement the custom enhancements
SE16, SE11 for testing and analysis purposes 

General workflow authorizations for evaluation and analysis purposes


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