The collector will be started by using SAP Report /APPS/ONE_RUN. This report is designed to be run as periodical job in background but can be used as dialog report as well. It consists of two screens, the selection screen and the result screen if the option protocol was chosen.

Selection Screen

The following selection parameters are available:

  1. Test - With only the 'Test' checkbox clicked the program will run and execute all SAP checks, this will allow to send the same messages repeatedly. It will not produce any output to user and simulates running in background.
  2. Protocol - Click only the 'Protocol' check box, this will send any SAP data found to Sitrion Cloud on a per run basis.
  3. "Create JSON Files" -  With the 'Test' and 'Create JSON Files' checkboxes checked, the program will run the same as in  having only the 'Test' checkbox but, it will produce an ALV output that will display results of the run as well as allowing the user to see the JSON files produced that were sent to the cloud. This would be used for initial development and troubleshooting.
Result Screen

A result screen only exists in case the selection parameter protocol was used. The protocol table shows details for every single item which was send to the ONE hub and a description in case it was not send. There is a single leading entry per instance followed by work item entries.

The description column shows possible exceptions. With a double click on an entry in this column, you can see the detailed view of it.

The JSON output column shows the JSON (if requested in the selection screen before) which gets returned from the webservice on a succesful call. With a double click on an entry in this column, you can copy the full JSON to your desktop. The JSON is quite helpful for creating Cards based on the given metadata in AppBuilder.

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